How Safe is Uganda?

Is tourists’ safety guaranteed in Uganda? Yes! Despite of all the things that happened in history such as the civil wars, tribal conflicts and the expulsion of the Asians by the previous government of Idi Amin Dada, the county has gone through a lot of remarkable transformation that has contributed to its peace and happiness. The country now welcomes a number of travelers from all over the world who come to do wildlife safaris, cultural encounters and Gorilla trekking among others.

How Safe is Uganda

While traversing all the regions of Uganda which includes the East, West north and south to the different national parks, the roads are fairly safe with great sceneries and majority being tarmacked, tourists can enjoy even during long drives, as well as domestic flights which can be both scheduled and chartered to take tourists to further places of the country.

Fortunately, all the tourist destinations and protected areas found in safe areas, even those located in the most remote areas like Kidepo National park. However following the right safety precautions is important, for one to successfully execute a Uganda safari holiday. The following are some facts to consider.

Health/Disease safety

Some vaccinations such as yellow fever and hepatitis B are required before you are granted access to Uganda. This is to safeguard you from contracting infections that disrupt your holiday in Uganda. The major required vaccination is Yellow fever vaccination; which is a prime requirement before given a visa to enter the country.

Travelers are advised to try and stay away from sexual Practices that might put their health in danger since the rate of HIV/AIDS is quite high in Uganda; that means you should not take any risks of engaging in unprotected sexual activities.

Political safety and stability

Considering the current situation, Uganda is politically safe for all travelers. However, political violence, strikes, and demonstrations can occur unexpectedly especially within the cntral region of Kampala and Entebbe. Such occurrences are often controlled by both the Uganda police force and military police that ensure people’s lives and property are completely safe and most especially that of visitors.

Night life safety

The night life of Uganda is wonderful and great, it starts from 9 pm till morning, with various policemen assigned duties in several parts of the city to protect law and order. However, tourists are not recommended to walk late in the night to avoid attacks by robbers especially in the isolated spots of Kampala city and other major towns.

If moving late in the night, try and move in a vehicle with your identification documents and with a driver or any local person and avoid drinking while driving. Most towns in Uganda are well lit to enable travelers move safely and securely, even at night.

The community safety

Uganda has over 50 cultures, characterized by different traditions and norms and offer all these through cultural experiences to its visitors; this include dressing, culinary, music, dancing, language among others. The community is outstanding and very many will be willing to be part of you stay in the country.

You could also engage in fun activities like story telling but most important of all, have a big heart and reach out to the less privileged. It could be a visit to any of the orphanages prior or at the end of your safari and any other activity and will make you leave footprints behind.

Wildlife safety in Uganda

Uganda is blessed with numerous wildlife reserves and national parks across the country which are evenly distributed. These destinations allow tourists to involve themselves in activities such as game drives, birding, and nature walks among others. With the well trained rangers in the different national parks, travelers’ safety is completely guaranteed. Always endeavor you are escorted by an armed ranger at all times during any movement in the park.