Mishaya Gorilla Family

Mishaya Gorilla family is one of the 17 habituated gorilla families dwelling in Bwindi impenetrable national park, located in southern based Rushaga gorilla region. Bwindi is one of the three national parks in the world who boast as homes to the remaining population of endangered mountain gorillas. Mountain Gorillas are endangered species and one of the largest being in the ape family.

Mishaya Gorilla Family

Mountain Gorillas share up to 98% DNA with human beings just like the chimpanzees. Mishaya family is one of the 5 habituated groups that make up Rushaga region making it the most populated region in Uganda in terms of gorilla groups it inhabits.

Mishaya family originally broke off from Nshongi in May 2011 which was then overwhelmed by growing numbers that led to many grown up black backs split. Of these was a subordinate Silverback Mishaya who left with about 7 members to form his own family. From 12 members, the number has grown steadily due to new births.

Mishaya was known to be furious and a renowned fighter who always raided other gorilla groups to capture female members and add them to his newly formed group, hence more increase in numbers. The number has since grown to up to 12 members including 3 infants.

The group is currently led by silverback Mwine following a tragic death that befell Mishaya who perished to unknown causes on the night of 3rd Feb 2014. Mishaya was only 28 years at the time of his death and Uganda Wildlife Authority rangers found him dead in the morning.

Some of the members that make up Mishaya family include Mwine the dominant silverback, Bakunzi and Mwiza the adult females, Rutaro and Mize are juveniles, Mwiza Baby 1, Mwiza baby 2 and Bakunzi baby all infants.

Mishaya family has been trained to be close to humans and there is no need to worry about any attack from the furious – looking silverback as it only tries to offer protection. The guides and rangers are always available to protect you in case of any discomfort with the family.