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Uganda Visa Requirements, Cost & Online Application

A Uganda Visa is very easy to get. You can apply online through the immigration website or get one on arrival in Entebbe International Airport. Travelling to Uganda either for leisure, business or VFR is completely hassle – free.

Dubbed the pearl of Africa by former UK Prime Minister, Sir. Winston Churchill, Uganda boasts home to the true source of River Nile – the longest river in the world, home to diverse and warm cultures, Lake Victoria – world’s second largest fresh water lake, the equator, Rwenzori snow-caped mountainsthe mountain gorillas, abundant wildlife among other iconic features, Uganda has never failed to amaze her visitors.

Uganda Visa

Uganda is perched within the great lakes region of Africa between Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Sudan and D.R. Congo. Of all these East African countries, Uganda stands out as one of traveler’s most preferred destination because of her rich diversity.

Accessing Uganda is never hard, whether by air, water or road transport. Entebbe international airport is the country’s major entry point and hub of renowned international airlines, including Fly Emirates, Brussels airlines, Ethiopian airlines, Turkish airlines, and so many others. This has eased access to the pearl of Africa for travelers coming from all over the world.

Visa application

Unlike other countries, Uganda’s visa can be gotten on arrival at all its boarder points. However, an online Visa application is highly recommended, as it’s fast, convenient and hassle – free, unlike standing in long queues at the boarder points waiting for Visas. The visa online system is free, fast and secure and enables payment with credit cards, from the comfort of your room.

Please note that there are visa exempt countries to Uganda, especially those within regional co-operation blocks. Contact us during your visa application process so we can advise appropriately.

A compulsory prerequisite to getting a visa for Uganda is a valid yellow fever immunization certificate. Therefore, all travelers intending to visit the Republic of Uganda must obtain this immunization card prior to applying for a Ugandan visa. Other requirements include a copy of valid passport and a current passport size photo.

Visa fees for Uganda

Visa fees for Uganda depend chiefly on the type of visa needed, purpose of the visit and nationality. Therefore, every visa attracts a different fee. These include, among others, ordinary tourist visa, East African Tourist visa, multiple entry visa, Transit visa and more. However, for travelers, the ordinary tourist and East African tourist visas are recommended. Each costs 50$ and 100$ per person respectively.

Each visa applied for has a validity period for which one should not exceed their stay in the country. Most tourist visas are valid for a period of up to 3 months, though these can be extended to more months. An East African Tourist Visa is recommended for one visiting more than one country. This is to avoid extra charges on individual country visa. This applies to countries including Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi. Choose Uganda as your next African safari destination and experience true African nature and hospitality.

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