East African Tourist Visa

East African Tourist Visa

A visa is a document that is granted by a territory or country to a foreigner, allowing them to remain, enter or leave that territory. Due to the fact that East Africa is one of the world’s best tourist destination, there was need to ease the movements of tourists from, within or outside the countries. There was definitely a need for an East African Tourist Visa.

East African Tourist Visa

The introduction of east African tourist visa was officially launched in Kampala by the heads of state of Kenya Uganda, and Rwanda. As this visa only works in the mentioned countries. This visa was introduced in January 2014 to allow tourists access the three partner countries a single tourist destination.

The East African tourist visa was introduced by the presidents of the respective countries to boost and promote regional travel and to create broader opportunities within the tourism and other export industries. This visa enables a tourist to travel between Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda using a single entry visa. This visa is valid for only 90 days and cannot be renewed / extended to any future date.

In order for a tourist to acquire the East African visa, one needs to apply for it with a list of requirements; a letter of visa application, one standard passport photo, a passport with at least six month validity, yellow fever vaccination certificate and a fee of 100 dollars per person. With the mentioned requirements you can apply for the visa in your country.

Travelers can get this visa online, submit an EATV form, and all the necessary documentation, apply and receive it electronically before travelling to Rwanda, Uganda or Kenya. This can also be done manually upon arrival and get a visa at any of the countries’ boarder points. An East African Tourist Visa is multi-entry only within these countries – Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya, but once one gets out of this zone, the visa automatically becomes invalid.

East African foreign residents and nationals do not need to purchase this visa when accessing the individual countries but rather can use valid work permits and national Identity cards respectively. Alternatively one can purchase other ordinary tourist visa at 50$ per person if you do not want restrictions of an East African Tourist visa to access each country independently.

You can find more information about the East African tourist visa from various embassies or high commissions in your respective countries. Introduction of this East African Tourist Visa is a good initiative that eases movements of tourists within the East African territory freely without the hassles of cross-border restrictions and delays.

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