Best way to plan a Gorilla trekking & Masai Mara safari

Best way to plan a Gorilla trekking & Masai Mara safari

Did you know you can plan a gorilla trekking and Maasai Mara safari in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Maasai Mara National Reserve easily? Talking of the big five in the world, this is very common to almost everyone. Whether a traveler or not it is very easy to mention the lion, rhino, elephant, buffalo and a leopard among the big game animals.

Best way to plan a Gorilla trekking & Masai Mara safari

But if it’s classifying the big tourism activities in East Africa. Considering gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Rwanda and Uganda respectively. In this, we also put into account the wild beast migration in Maasai Mara and Serengeti National Parks in Kenya and Tanzania.

With the recorded statistics about tourists visiting this amazing region of Africa, gorilla trekking in Bwindi and the Masai Mara safari take a lion’s share because of the unique soul touching experience they offer to tourists on African safaris. Occasionally, tourists to East Africa have always wanted to have a combined African safari that takes them to both the gorillas and Masai Mara. The only challenge is the connection between these two national parks.

However, if it’s a gorilla trekking in Bwindi national park or a wildlife safari in Maasai Mara National Park, the best way for a traveler to plan it is using a local tour operator. A tour operator offers all the easiest ways to connect, en-route activities, accommodation and almost everything that would be needed on this thrilling East African trip.

The best travel itinerary would be the one that starts from Masai Mara and then proceeds to Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. Masai Mara is the most visited national park in East Africa. First because of its accessibility it being located in Kenya’s capital Nairobi. And second, because of its amazing scenery and vast wildlife species that call it home, it’s a true wonder of nature.

Having had stunning game drives in one of Africa’s largest national park, giving you really up close encounters with the cheetahs, leopards, lions, buffalos, giraffes, warthogs and many others. Game drives here are ones that bring you almost in contact with the lions and all the wild species you always dreamt of.

After visiting the Masai people and having a city tour in Nairobi to various interesting sites, it’s now time to transfer to Bwindi impenetrable national park in Uganda. Long gone are the days when travelers went through a hassle of almost a three days drive from Masai Mara to the gorillas.

Recently, Air Kenya, a domestic airline operating in all the east African countries recently launched flights that connect Masai Mara and Bwindi impenetrable national park in Uganda. This is to give tourists an extra lifetime experience, from watching the big five to trekking the gorillas in a limited period of time.

Bwindi hosts over 640 mountain gorillas, which is almost half of the world’s total population of the mountain gorillas. Trekking these great apes takes you to the thick forest, through slippery trails and spending one magical hour with the endangered apes in the forest. Nothing thrills like watching a Silverback, spotting the little juveniles and black backs jumping from one tree branch to the other. It’s an experience that no traveler deserves to miss.

Let not time stop you from enjoying the big five in Masai Mara and the gorillas in Bwindi. It is very possible to have both experiences in just four days or even less. So whether you are in Africa for business, studies, or leisure, include these two gigantic tourism destinations in East Africa on your itinerary.

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