Mount Mikeno

Mount Mikeno is a dormant volcano situated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo section of the Virunga ranges. Mount Mikeno neighbors the famous Virunga National Park, a renowned home of the endangered mountain gorillas, with some gorilla families residing on the slopes of Mikeno. It is one of the 8 major volcanoes located in the Virunga massif. Other mountains in this region include Nyamuragira, Karisimbi, Nyiragongo, Bisoke, Gahinga, Muhabura and Sabyinyo. One strange fact is this mountain is the hardest to climb among the other Volcanoes. Its hiking costs are very affordable.

Mount Mikeno

Standing at an elevation of 4,437 meters, Mount Mikeno is the second highest volcano in the Virunga Mountains after Mount Karisimbi. This elevation as well makes it the 13th highest mountain in Africa. Mikeno derives its name from the local word “Mikeno” meaning “poor”. It was named so because of its rugged and harsh terrain that hinder human settlement along its slopes.

Mount Mikeno has been deemed as the hardest to climb among st all the Virunga volcanoes. However, getting to the summit is worth the hustle and commitment as you get a view of the great East African rift valley that is still forming from 30 million years. Views from here are very breathtaking. There are the many activities one can engage in while at Mikeno Mountain and some of these can be seen below.

Hiking Expeditions

Visitors hiking to the summit of Mount Mikeno can hire hiking gear from the Mikeno lodge or come along with their own gear. Trust worthy local potters are available to help hikers carry their luggage to the peak and back at affordable rates. The hike provides a panoramic view of the entire Virunga national park with waterfalls and countless coffee plantations.

Cultural Encounters

Visitors can also go for the beautiful cultural experiences in the surrounding communities. D.R. Congo is one of the countries with a very rich history and culture. Spending time to interact with the locals exposes you to more knowledge about this huge gifted country. Enjoy their adorable traditional dances, remarkable craft work, culture and norms, all will make your stay in D.R. Congo extremely unforgettable.

Mountain gorilla trekking

Being one of the very few habitats of endangered Mountain gorillas on earth, Mountain gorilla trekking safaris in Virunga national park remain the most popular tourism activity in Democratic Republic of Congo. Despite the enormous size of Virunga national park, a few mountain gorillas call it home and about six to right habituated families are open to tourists for trekking activities all year long.

To hike Mount Mikeno or do gorilla trekking, tourists need to book directly with the national park offices or use a credible travel company. Tourists who come on their own usually have difficulties being permitted into the park.

Nature/Forest Walks

Virunga National Park is majorly a tropical rain forest with dense vegetation. However, some sections are woodland, swampy and grassland. Guided nature walks through the dense Virunga forests enables you to get up-close encounters with rare and endemic bird species, forest mammals like forest hogs, duikers, bush pigs, buffaloes and elephants as well as numerous species of primates such as baboons, monkeys, and many more.

Mount Mikeno and Virunga national park is a popular travel destination with jaw dropping landscapes that baffle many travelers. From the snow peaked Mountains of the Moon, the active Nyiragongo volcano, craters, and scenery of Mount Nyamuragira, great Albertine rift valley, crystalline water bodies, rain forests and many other attractions.

Accommodation at Mount Mikeno

Various accommodation units are available ranging from luxury, mid-range and budget rates. Amongst these include Mikeno Luxury Tented lodge, Mikeno Lodge, Tchegera Island Camp, Bukima Tented Camp, Kibumba Tented Camp and Lulimbi Tented Camp. Mount Mikeno is every pure nature lover’s dream destination. From hiking to sightseeing and photography safaris. This mountain has so much to offer and trotters always have wonderful experiences incomparable to any other destination.

When craving for a less congested or off-the-beaten track destination, then Mount Mikeno must be on top of your list. With this in mind, plan to live the life you have always dreamed of. Travel to Mount Mikeno and get your unforgettable lifetime experience.