Choosing the best Uganda Tour Operator

We are a reliable Uganda tours and travel operator that will help you organize your dream safari. Our safari company is basically a gorilla trekking company and we specialize in organizing such kind of trips. Gorilla safaris in Uganda are synonymous with tour vehicles and adventurous holiday makers moving swiftly through the country. They are mostly being taken to Uganda’s beautiful wanders, snow-capped mountains, national parks, authentic restaurants and a whole host of authentic tour experiences. Choosing the best Uganda tour operators is a great way to start your safari.

Choosing the best Uganda Tour Operator

For real, the whole idea of bad gorilla trips is outdated as several tour companies have opened up, willing to maximally offer best quality services that meet their clients’ expectations. There are over 600 tour and travel companies, both registered and unregistered entities operating in Uganda. It is therefore very important for travelers planning on a gorilla vacation in Uganda to choose a reliable tour operator considering the following criteria.

Transparency matters

A reliable tour operator’s website should vividly display the information and all additional costs of the trip (might be on request). All travelers need companies that can explain why prices are the way they are because it’s not always true that you get what you pay for. One might be paying for top notch hotels yet staying in a two star guest house.

Reputation of the company

It is of so much value to know the reputation of the company. Travelers get to know what other people and clients think about the company. This can be done through reading online reviews and helps you to know the truth before you book. There are various trusted online review platforms like safari bookings, TripAdvisor, your African safari, google reviews and more. You can read online reviews about our agency here.

Logic of the itinerary

Getting a tour operator means paying to fill your holiday. So the level of organization of the itinerary, quality of hotels included, destinations and activities to engage in plus the meals are key considerations before choosing a tour operator to plan your Uganda safari trip.

Response to the inquiry

Just like in any other business entity, the customer is the most important thing, so the way the staff deals with requests and inquiries is very crucial. If it’s an email, of what kind is it and how quick have you received it. Remember first impression is also key to easily make you ditch the company regardless of all other factors.

Reservation and payment methods

It is very essential for a reliable tour operator to have a professional website or mobile app for easy reservations. But the issue of travelers printing their reservation from the fax or mail lacks security and also takes a lot of time and efforts. When it comes to payments, it should be through credit cards online or electronic funds transfer.

The local guides

They are the guides that make or break the trip, if they don’t explain everything to keep the flow, a tour in Uganda can become a mess that can’t even be imagined of. Make sure the tour operator has knowledgeable guides, they should at least be locals or a long term resident who knows the local languages, with life saving techniques and travel experiences.

Environmental impact

Ecotourism is an emerging form of tourism in the recent years. It’s a responsible form of travel that not only aims at conserving the natural environment, but also gives back to the locals in the community. So it is important to choose a company that uses local guides, hotels and services, providing great value to the place visited or the one that gives part of their proceeds to support livelihoods or donate to local charity.

Clear cancellation terms

Reviewing the tour operator’s policies about trip cancellations before booking your gorilla tour is a very essential step in tour operator selection. Check out whether they have clear and flexible cancellation options with refunds or any ticket transfer options. This will guide you on planning well ahead.

Group booking and advance reservation booking discounts

Any reliable gorilla trekking company should extend special discounts to group travelers depending on the size of the group. Even some operators offer discounts to clients that reserve their trips in advance. It is therefore very important to double check and see whether the tour operator you are choosing has such deals.

Remember traveling is one way to meet new people, explore new cultures and see places you always dream of. And if the above criteria are followed, you will never mess up when it comes to choosing the best gorilla trekking company in Uganda.