Rwanda Visa

Rwanda Visa

Rwanda visas can be got on arrival or prior to arrival. Almost 97% of applications are approved. Acquiring a visa is always the first part of planning your travel to a specific country. However, getting a travel visa for Rwanda is amazingly trouble-free. Located in the heart of Africa, at the point where the central African jungles intersect with the east African Savannah, Rwanda is arguably one of the world’s most beautiful nations.

Rwanda Visa

The well curved hills, chaperoned with sweet sounds of nature from the endangered mountain gorillas, rare golden monkeys, chimpanzees, an array of adorable bird species and an unimaginably ravishing landscape marked with extensive plantations, farmlands, numerous lakes and several hills certifying her beautiful name; The land of a thousand Hills. Rwanda should definitely be on your bucket list of places to visit during your next African safari.

What to know before acquiring a Rwanda Visa

Important to note is that the government of Rwanda came into an agreement with some countries, especially the ones within the regional blocks and so citizens from such nations are visa exempt. These include nationals from any East African community country, IGAD or any other country with a visa-exempt agreement with Rwanda.

Do prior consultations with us and we can advise appropriately on attaining a Rwanda visa. Just like most countries in Africa, a yellow fever vaccination certificate is a primary prerequisite for acquiring a Rwandan Visa.

Other essential documents required to get a Rwandan visa are; a copy of valid passport and a recent passport size photo. In case of any major disease outbreak, specific requirements / guidelines are always laid and put to knowledge of the public.

Where to get Rwanda Visas

Rwanda Visas can be issued upon arrival at different border points or from Rwandan Embassies / high commissions overseas. Alternatively, one can apply online at the official website of the Directorate-General of Immigration and Emigration (DGIE) which is or the Government portal only, or from any trusted travel agency. The visa online system is free, fast and secure and enables payment with credit cards, from the comfort of your room.

Rwanda Visa Fees

Fees for Rwanda Visa depend primarily on the type / category of Visa being applied for, country of origin and purpose of travel. Therefore, every traveler may pay different Visa fees while entering depending on these various factors. Ordinary Tourist visa, Diplomat visa, Transit visa, East African Tourist visa, Multiple entry visa are among the many types of Rwanda visas that one can apply for.

But for travelers visiting Rwanda for tourism purposes only, an ordinary Tourist visa is highly recommended while the East African Tourist Visa is preferred when visiting more than one East African community member state, including Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya.

An ordinary tourist Visa costs 50$ while the East African tourist visa costs 100$ per person, and each valid for a period not more than 90 days.

The East African Tourist Visa has eased movement of individuals through these countries without having to incur extra charges on individual single entry visas. Choose Rwanda as your next safari destination and experience the true country of a thousand hills, great scenery, verdant fauna and flora, warm and hospitable people, and so much more.

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