1 Day Mount Bisoke Hiking Tour

Bisoke Mountain, also known as Visoke is an extinct volcano in northern Rwanda. It is one of the 8 volcanic mountains within the Virunga ranges that span Rwanda, Uganda and D.R. Congo at the edge of the East African Rift valley. Bisoke is located on the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo though its summit is in Rwanda. It stands at an altitude of 3,711 meters, making the 5th highest among the Virunga Mountains.

1 Day Mount Bisoke Hiking Tour

A hike at this extinct volcano is phenomenal as it exposes visitors to great scenic views, smoky volcanoes in the region, amazing mountain vegetation and a stunning crater lake on its peak.

Hiking Bisoke volcano is a challenging though rewarding adventure that most adventure seekers are longing for. Walking through the slippery trails, that are unclearly paved and having to hold onto a walking stick for support in order to make it to the top is one lifetime experience that you will cry out, curse and get angry yet the top reveals the worth of the hike.

Hiking Bisoke Itinerary

Just like most expeditions in Volcanoes National Park, a typical Hiking Day of Mount Bisoke begins at the park headquarters of Kinigi at 7.00am with a simple briefing and at around 8.00am, you set off for the hike led by a ranger who has a wealth of experience in hiking adventures at Bisoke Mountain.

It is a simple hike that even the novice can summit it and descend down on the same day. The starting point of the trek is roughly a 40 minutes’ drive from the park headquarters and on a very bumpy road. Porters are always available to help you carry your luggage during the hike because just a simple bottle of water could weigh 2kgs as you go higher.

Endeavor to pick a nicely crafted hiking stick from the ranger before the start of the hike because moving through the very steep and very muddy terrain requires you all the support you can even if from a stick. During the ascent, trekkers regularly encounter some mountain primates, including monkeys, baboons and given a minute or two to view or take a photograph while in the hiking trail though photography is limited.

You continue with your trek as you are treated with an array of different species of trees & flowery shrubs, walking to the sweet bird tunes as you dodge the thorny plants that itch.

At the top of Bisoke mountain is the largest and most spectacular Crater Lake in the nation, and one of the most scenic views travelers will ever have above Rwanda and D.R. Congo as well. It is one that can never disappoint all sorts of eyes. The Crater Lake is so prepossessing covered with a large cloud cover that makes the temperatures here relatively high. Yes, it is worth all steps taken up.

The trek ends at around 5pm, and travelers descend to the starting point, catching up with your driver guide to proceed back to Kigali, marking the end of this dramatic adventure excursion in Rwanda.