Congo Visa

Congo Visa

You will need a Congo visa before you are granted permission to entry the country. This article lists the Visa fees, online application process and requirements for getting a visa to DRC Congo to explore the Virgin treasure of Africa!

Isolated and long associated with endless civil wars, epidemics, rebels, D.R. Congo has grown to become one of Africa’s most dramatic tourist destinations. With improvement in security in the eastern province and increased positive publicity of Virunga National Park, Africa’s second largest country and the world’s 11th largest is once again becoming world’s most traveled country.

Congo Visa

This doesn’t come by mistake, but rather due to its countless treasures, including the eastern lowland gorillas in Kahuzi-Biega National Park, mountain gorillas in Virunga national park, Lake Kivu, Nyiragongo mountain and other numerous mountains that stretch along the eastern borderline with Uganda and Rwanda.

Obtaining a Congo Visa

Travelers planning to visit D.R. Congo should obtain visas from respective DRC high missions and embassies from their respective countries. Visas do not apply should you happen to come from visa exempt countries or those countries that can get a Congo visa upon arrival.

Citizens who hold a biometric passport from the following countries are visa exempt and can enter and stay in D.R. Congo for up to 90 days. These include Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. Congo Visa is not required for the Chinese if they hold normal passports endorsed “For Public Affairs”.

Holders of Portuguese and Turkish diplomatic passports are visa exempt as well as holders of diplomatic or service category passports given to citizens of Brazil, China and Russia.

Other Requirements

Passport Requirements. For one to be eligible to get a Congo visa, they should hold an original, signed passport and valid for at least 6 months and must include one blank page for visa stamp.

Letter of Invitation. A notarized invitation letter from a host (company or individual) based in the D.R. Congo and clearly outline the nature of business or relationship with the host and purpose of travel. The applicant ought to include contact address, place of origin, length of stay and upon submission, the letter has to either be notarized at city hall or legalized by the Ministry of Foreign affairs in DRC.

Medical Requirements. A valid yellow fever vaccination card has to be presented to obtain a Congo Visa.

Photo Requirements. 2 recent passport size photographs are required; these should be identical and colored.

Congo Visa fees

Visa fees for Congo depend squarely on the class of visa needed, purpose of the visit and nationality. Therefore, every visa attracts a different fee. Classes of visas in Rwanda may include, among others, ordinary tourist visa, multiple entry visa, Transit visa and more.

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