Karisimbi Gorilla Group

A statement well said is that gorilla trekking is an incredible experience that most of the tourists to Africa focus on. families like Karisimbi gorilla group are some of the many that you will trek. Despite its high cost, it’s a priority to thousands of travelers from all over the world, to come and have face to face encounters with the endangered mountain apes in the forest.

Karisimbi Gorilla Group

These mighty apes of the forest only dwell in four African national parks positioned in the Virunga ranges and shared by three African countries of Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In Uganda, gorillas are trekked in Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park. In D.R. Congo it’s done in Virunga national park and Volcanoes national park in Rwanda. Regardless of which country visited, all gorilla trekking experiences are extremely thrilling.

Volcanoes national park in Rwanda, a home to more than three out of the eight Virunga volcanoes has 12 habituated gorilla families. The Sabyinyo, Umubano, Agashya, Karisimbi, Amahoro, Kwitonda, Bwenge, Titus, Hirwa and the Susa families, Isimbi etc. are all ready to be trekked by travelers to Rwanda all year long.

Just like Mubare gorilla family in Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, Karisimbi is also the most visited gorilla family in Volcanoes national park. It’s one of the focus gorilla groups that almost all trekkers look up to.

Call it Susa B gorilla group, Karisimbi family occupies the upper slopes of mountain Karisimbi, the second highest peak of the eight Virunga volcanoes and the highest in Rwanda. So trekking this specific group involves a hike to the higher slopes of Karisimbi Mountain, walking through the rugged trails in the bamboo forest, avoiding thorny trees and holding onto tree branches for support.

The group is currently led by the dominant silverback Nyagakangaga, an ambitious gorilla that would do anything to ensure that its family is at peace and in harmony. The family started in 2009 when it broke off from the original Susa Family, hence the name Susa B family.

Nyagakangaga the main silverback split away from Susa A group with 13 individuals to form his own group that was named Susa B, and later in 2010 named Karisimbi because of the groups’ settlement at the higher slopes of Karisimbi mountain.

The group today has 11 members with one adult female, four silverbacks, one black back and two infants. Initially Karisimbi group had 15 individuals but unfortunately another silverback left to form another family together with some other new members.

Karisimbi still stands as the most thrilling gorilla family to trek in Volcanoes national park. The hike to the top will black you out. It’s a trek that takes you close to the apes as well as having the Karisimbi mountain climbing experience in one safari.

Is it a gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda that you are planning? Consider trekking Karisimbi gorilla family to have facial encounters with the mighty apes in their natural habitats. Put in mind that gorilla trekking in Rwanda can be accompanied with a cultural encounter at the Iby’Iwachu cultural center, golden monkey trekking, Musanze caves and hiking to the top of the 3 volcanoes in the park.