Kyaguriro Gorilla Group

Located in the east of Bwindi national park in Ruhija sector, Kyaguriro is a unique gorilla family not only in this sector but also in the entire Bwindi national park.

Kyaguriro Gorilla Group

It was the first habituated gorilla family in this region but first set aside for research. Since its habituation began in 1995, Kyaguriro continued to enjoy limited visits for only those travelers interested in behind-the-scenes experience with a family of semi-habituated mountain gorillas.

Kyaguriro was primarily a research group studied by the Germany Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. Until 2015 when demand for gorilla permits increased, the group was opened for trekking.

The group was originally under the leadership of Zeus (read the ancient Greek god) due to his age, seniority and leadership charisma over other members in his group. Zeus was later attacked by a rival which resulted to his leaving and banished into the forest where he lived a lonely life and later died.

Silverback Rukina then took over and led the group shortly. In April 2015 a tragedy befell Kyaguriro and Rukina was struck dead by lightning which led to the rise of the amateur Mukiza as a lead silverback.

Mukiza went on to lead the group until he was ambushed by Rukara who came from Bitukura family. The fight was tense leading to separation of the group to form two in May 2016. One group under Rukara went with all the members, but later Mukiza managed to grab up to 10 individuals to form his own family.

The families were closely monitored for a long time until no signs of re-uniting were portrayed. One group under Mukiza was named Kyaguriro B while the one under Rukara Kyaguriro A. Kyaguriro B was later set aside for gorilla research purposes while Kyaguriro A is open for trekking activities all year long.

Kyaguriro A family is currently composed of 15 members including two Silverbacks and it is often sighted within the deep jungles of Ruhija region.