Munyaga Gorilla Group

Munyaga is a unique family with quite a fascinating story dwelling within the Bukima sector of Virunga national park. Munyaga family came into existence in the year 1998, following a coup on Buhanga group by silverback Munyaga.

Munyaga Gorilla Group

Munyaga silverback lived a solitary in the jungles of Virunga national park before interacting with Buhanga gorilla family in February 1998. Buhanga was by then headed by an adult female, Nsekuye which prompted Silverback Munyaga to take advantage and impose himself on the group to become the dominant silverback.

And therefore in 1998, the group was taken over by Silverback Munyaga and its name changed to Munyaga gorilla family as well. The group lived a hostile life attacking and fighting with other families, until it interacted with Kabirizi family who took all his adult females.

Following this incident, Silverback Munyaga was disappointed and later abandoned the group from 2007 to 2008. During this time, the young Mawazo used the opportunity and took over leadership as a dominant silverback of Munyaga family.

Silverback Mawazo was also later over powered by Gisore who is the current dominant silverback of Munyaga family. This group is famous for the bold headed silverback, Kadogo as well as mother Bilali who came from Rugendo family in 2004 and produced twins, who unfortunately died in infancy.

The family is home to 9 members including three silverbacks, two adult females, two babies and two juveniles. Tracking Munyaga group is regarded as the most fascinating gorilla experience in Virunga national park, as it is a calm, peaceful and one of the safest treks in the park.

Trekking Munyaga family costs 400$ per permit per person just like any other gorilla group in Virunga national park. Booking gorilla permits to Munyaga family can be done directly through Virunga national park or through a trusted tour operator.