Nyakamwe Gorilla Group

Nyakamwe Gorilla Group

Nyakamwe gorilla group is one of the eight gorilla families located within the famous Virunga national park in the east of D.R. Congo. Virunga national park boasts being the largest conservation area in Africa and as well a prime habitat for endangered mountain gorillas in D.R. Congo.

Nyakamwe Gorilla Group

Under the management of Congolese National park authorities and the African Conservation Fund, the park protects approximately 200 mountain gorillas that inhabit its southern region.

For several years, this park has faced a number of challenges, ranging from civil conflicts, militia attacks, oil and mineral exploration, poaching, which has put the lives of mountain gorillas in Virunga at a risk of extinction.

However, the populace of mountain gorillas and other species in Virunga national park is gradually stabilizing due to the zeal and courageous efforts of the government, rangers, conservation bodies and all other well-wishers.

Formed in 2014 together with Bageni group, Nyakamwe gorilla group is the latest addition to the portfolio of gorilla families in Virunga national park. It broke off from Humba family after power struggles between Silverback Nyakamwe and Humba (his brother) that led Nyakamwe to split on 20th April 2014 and form his separate family.

Upon leaving, silverback Nyakamwe took with him 10 members, while Humba remained with only 5; but now the family has grown to 12 members, including 2 Silverbacks, 2 Sub – adult females, 4 Adult females, 1 Blackback, 2 babies and 1 juvenile.

Trekking Nyakamwe gorilla family

The group is located in Bukima sector of Virunga national park, offering an easy trekking experience and it is the only group which can be trekked within a period of 1 or less hours. However, this is not a guarantee as it all depends on the movement of the gorillas within the jungles.

It is one of the most stable families in Virunga national park, and being amidst them is truly amazing, as you watch the juveniles play, babies cuddle with their mother and silverback Nyakamwe offering maximum protection over other members in the group.

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