Pablo Gorilla Family

Pablo family is named after the dominant silver back gorilla called Pablo who headed the group for a good year and later succeeded by Cantsbee who also died in 2017 and succeeded by his son, the 23 year old Gicurasi who still leads the group till to-date.

Pablo Gorilla Family

The family is monitored and observed by the Dian Fossey fund staff on a daily basis and open to tourists for trekking in Volcanoes national park. This family can be found along the slopes of Mount Karisimbi, an extinct volcano which stands at 4,507 meters making it the highest of the Virunga volcanoes.

Trekking to the Pablo gorilla family has been referred to by many trekkers as a tough hike composed of Karisimbi Volcano steep terrain, thick vegetation and under growth.

Pablo gorilla family has been under close observation by the Dian Fossey Fund since 1976 originating from Group 5, which was studied by the legendary gorilla heroine Dian Fossey herself.

With time, group 5 became larger and split into 2 in 1993 to make the Pablo group. Today the group is one of the largest comprising of 26 mountain gorillas, although the group has been noticed to have hit the highest number of gorillas at 64 who later migrated nearby Susa gorilla family.

Pablo is a historic family from the early 1980s when it was being studied by the famous primatologist, Dian Fossey. Then led by the youthful Silverback Pablo, who had a close affection with Dian Fossey who later wrote about it in her book, Gorillas in the mist; “Pablo’s sense of frolic was infectious and his outgoing personality freely expanded within his first year, attracting many other immature to him.”

After the disappearance of Cantsbee from 2016 – 2017, Pablo group separated with the eighteen year old Kureba, a youthful silverback taking leaving with a few individuals to form his own group. The remaining family was led by silverback Gicurasi who had taken over from his father, Cantsbee and still leads up to date.

Pablo group is known to be an interesting family and perfect for infant development as it contains more infant gorillas than any other groups in Volcanoes. It is comprised of over 6 young stars, in addition to sub adult females, silverbacks and several black backs which all make this group entertaining and super active.