The Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha

The Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha

The remote, soft spoken Ishasha sector is located in the most southern end of Queen Elizabeth national park, dotted with the famous tree climbing lion, sprawling Savannah which is traversed by the meandering Ishasha River, numerous mammals and abundant birdlife.

The Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha

Queen Elizabeth national park is a popular and most visited national park in Uganda and one of those few places on earth that boast a high biodiversity, ranging from over 96 mammal species, about 500 bird species, verdant Savannah, woodland forests, amazing lakes and rivers all encompassed within its 1978 territory.

Other than its permanent tenants the climbing lions, Ishasha inhabits massive populations of other big mammals, which include elephants, common antelope species, water bucks, Topis, hippos and other cats like leopards, hyenas, among others.

Ishasha’s tree climbing lions are of exceptional quality and the region’s visitors’ magnet. In the whole world, other than Ishasha sector, these kind of species can only be found in Lake Manyara national park, Northern Tanzania. It is an amazing moment to watch the mighty king of the jungle perched up high, snoozing photogenically amidst the branches of the enormous fig tree on a hot afternoon, after its best meal.

What to do in Ishasha sector other than seeing tree climbing lions

Just like the entire Queen Elizabeth national park is famous destination for birding vacations, and so is the Ishasha sector. A great deal of bird species, up to 70 species dwell in this section of the park, including the grey crowned crane, pelicans, shoebill stork, and a huge population of migratory species, etc.

Most birds can be seen during day or evening game drives, along the River Ishasha and several other seasonal rivers that mark the area. The Savannah woodland and grassland are also safe habitats for some famous bird species in Ishasha sector.

Ishasha sector is the best spot for viewing massive wildlife species, including cats, big mammals, common antelopes, reptiles, iconic bird species and the popular tree climbing lions. Take either an evening or morning game drive to explore the lush Savannah that is filled with sought after wildlife.

Common sighted animals here include large herds of elephants, buffaloes, Topis and other small antelopes like Uganda kobs, bushbucks, waterbucks, and cats like the famous tree climbing lions. Or take a nocturnal game drive to explore Ishasha’s most elusive cats, such as leopards, hyenas, serval cats etc.

Rwenshama fishing village is situated along the shores of Lake Edward, mostly visited in the morning and evening. This village offers one of the most exciting community encounters along this lake; see the local fishermen cast their nets to get a day’s catch, or even participate in fishing. Species here include Tilapia, lungfish, catfish, etc.

Along the shores, sight at the Hippos lurking, pelicans fishing, while on a good day, one can encounter the lone elephant bull “Da Boss” doing his daily walk along the lake shores.

Lake Akanyanza is relatively a small lake located close to Enjojo lodge on the outskirts of Ishasha sector. The lake is filled with abundant fish ready for you to experience, ranging from Tilapia, lungfish and cat fish among others. Fishing equipment can be hired from Enjojo lodge or come along with yours.

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