Titus Gorilla Family

Titus group is one of the 12 gorilla families that make up Volcanoes national park in Rwanda and one of the smallest but offering great trekking experience when visited. It was named after the dominant Silverback, Titus who originated from a humble family that was killed by poachers and lived in the days of Dian fossey’s research time.

Titus Gorilla Family

This family was the oldest to be found in times of Dian fossey during her research in Karisoke research center. Titus was born in times of Dian fossey’s research center that was a gorilla family she was studying about. The family of Titus was killed by poachers and it was left alone and was raised in another family which was not related to his original family.

Titus was stupid, under developed and had some difficulties in breathing but he managed to overcome all these tough conditions, “Dian Fossey said”. Beetsme was the dominant silverback and chased all male gorillas from the family and remained with Titus who was favored by females. When Titus turned 17 in 1991, he astonished researchers when he involved Beetsme in a furious coup and ended up becoming the dominant Silverback.

Most of the researchers left Rwanda in 1991 during Rwandan genocide, and the group was left with no information about it. Titus was a Silverback up to 2007 when he began experiencing disturbances and wars from Kuryama one of his sons. He later broke away forming his group which gave Titus a bloody nose as members of his group kept moving to different groups.

At the age of 35 years, Titus the gorilla king was found died in his nest and all the family members surrounded him. The doctor concluded that he died of natural causes. Therefore, Titus is believed to have more of the off springs and successful among all the Silverbacks in

The family now lives between Karisimbi and Bisoke volcanoes and can be tracked all year through, when the permits are overbooked, regardless of the fact that it was intentionally dedicated for research only.