Ugenda Gorilla Group

This gorilla family has 11 members with 2 Silverbacks. “Ugenda” means Mobile in Kinyarwanda like continuous movement which makes it difficult to trek but be rest assured to see it while on your gorilla safari to Rwanda. This group lives in volcanoes National Park, and like any other family it keeps moving in search for food; though the movements of this group are so much.

Ugenda Gorilla Group

The Rwanda development board has employed skilled trekkers to locate it with in a day or several hours before the trekking time. Finding this family is not difficult but it depends on the movements of the family the previous day.

This group usually can be found on the slopes of mountain Bisoke and Karisimbi. Each Gorilla trekking safari is an adventure of its own. Try trekking this family and you will see a difference from those you have tracked before. Remember gorilla tracking rules and regulations apply.

Trekking this group is a challenge; but you should not dare miss. The trek can be tiring at times due to walking long distances searching for the gorillas but definitely worth the experience in the end. Tracking Ugenda family is regarded as the most fascinating gorilla experience in Volcanoes national park, as it is a calm, peaceful and one of the safest treks in the park.

Booking gorilla permits to track Ugenda family can be done directly through Rwanda Development Board or through a trusted tour operator. Just like other Rwanda gorilla permits, a permit to Ugenda family costs a staggering 1500$ for a permit per trek. Only eight persons are allowed to track this group on any given day, and each group of the trekkers is escorted by armed rangers, trackers, porters and guides.

Travelers are reminded that though every time is best for gorilla trekking in Volcanoes national park, but the most recommended period is during dry season; months of June – September and Mid December – February.