Hiring Sedan Seat Chairs or Bamboo Stretchers in Bwindi

Want to hire Sedan seat chairs in Bwindi? Would you like to know the cost and availability? A mountain gorilla tour in Uganda is the world’s most sought after wildlife encounter. These endangered apes inhabit the rugged steeps of East Africa’s towering Virunga volcanoes in Uganda, Rwanda and D.R. Congo. Just like their name, these primates dwell in mountainous forests ranging between 2,300 – 4000 meters above sea level.

Using Sedan Seat Chairs in Bwindi

Bwindi national park presents interesting action-packed gorilla expeditions with average to strenuous hikes, depending on the region you visit, and weather with elevations ranging up to 10,000ft. Length of a gorilla trek in Bwindi lasts between one to eight hours, depending on how fast you find your destined gorilla family.

Who uses a Sedan Seat Chair in Bwindi

Whether you are physically handicapped, extremely aged (over 80 years), pregnant or you just feel too weak to move on your own to the interior of the jungles; never miss your dream adventure to explore Uganda’s most treasured primates. Sedan seat chairs have come to answer the questions for those who, for one reason or another cannot make it to the interior of Bwindi’s impenetrable jungles.

Sedan Seat Chairs or Bamboo Stretcher carriers?

A Sedan seat chair is a sophisticated type of chair with two metallic handles on both ends and a long seat tilted between them. A sedan seat chair is the most comfortable, luxurious and modern way of transporting trekkers to view mountain gorillas. Bamboo Stretcher on the other hand is made out of mambo sticks, carefully woven and presents a comfortable but local way of carrying / ferrying visitors to meet a gorilla family.

These are the only methods of carrying tourists who, for so many reasons cannot trek on foot to meet the gorillas. Just like other trekkers, a visitor to be carried attends morning briefing at the park headquarters, where the gorilla trekking rules and regulations will be read out, and gorilla families allocated. The park guides will try as much as possible to allocate you a gorilla family that is easier to trek.

Thereafter, a group of 12 strong porters will be assembled and assigned to one sedan chair with a visitor. This team will be responsible of ferrying them to and from the jungles where they’ll be able to meet with their well sought after gorilla family. Visitors in sedan chairs will be in company of the other trekkers in a group of 8, a number allowed to trek a given mountain gorilla family in a given day.

Upon reaching a gorilla family, the porters will put down a sedan chair for a visitor to have clear observation and photography. The best travel season for using sedan seat chairs is the dry season when there is little undergrowth and path ways are a bit clear. These include months of June to September and mid-December to February. During this season, there are also less chances of rain fall that may disrupt the journey.

Cost of Sedan Seat Chairs

Visitors in question have chances to opt for either traditional stretchers or a modern sedan chair. There are various factors that affect the cost of hiring a sedan chair in Bwindi national park. Factors include distance from the park headquarters to the allocated gorilla family, nature of terrain/topography, weather and weight of the person.

But normally the average cost of hiring either a sedan chair or bamboo stretcher ranges from 300$ – 500$, minus the cost of a gorilla permit.
For any traveler wishing to use a sedan chair on their gorilla tour in Bwindi national park, one ought to first acquire a gorilla permit well in advance, as this is the only assurance that they’ll partake this golden activity.

A gorilla permit in Uganda is booked from Uganda Wildlife Authority at 600$ per permit per trek, but can as well be booked through a professional and trusted tour operator.