Cyanika Border Post

Just like all other countries, Uganda and Rwanda also have territorial boundaries. But the attractive part is what is done at the borders and what the border towns have to offer to tourists. With several border points through which tourists connect to Rwanda or Uganda, Cyanika still stands out as the busiest and most active border point.

Cyanika Border Post

Cyanika border is a crossing point between Rwanda and Uganda, through Kisoro town in south western Uganda. It is one developing tourism hub that several travelers are now looking at, the fact that even border crossing is an activity that is included in some of the travel itineraries, especially those that cross to other countries.

The border’s position, connecting two beautiful countries in Africa has made it a famous destination to almost all travelers crossing from any of the countries.

On the side of Uganda, Cyanika is close to Kisoro town which is also a tourism center with numerous attractions including Mgahinga national park with its golden monkeys, mountain gorillas, Sabyinyo, Gahinga and Muhabura mountains as well as the Congo Border plus many others.

From Kisoro, still travelers can easily connect to Bwindi impenetrable national park – Nkuringo and Rushaga sectors, Lake Mutanda and Lake Bunyonyi. For more credit to Kisoro is the tarmacked airfield with daily flights by Aero link from Entebbe. All these make Cyanika strategically located in a place that is always filled with tourists.

From Rwanda, Cyanika is in Burera district. Unlike Kisoro in Uganda, Burera isn’t a tourism hub except the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo. However, it is close to Musanze district, a famous home to Volcanoes national park and its mountain gorillas, Musanze caves, the Ib’yiwachu cultural village and several other destinations that can easily be accessed through Cyanika. Perhaps this is the very reason why some trips to Uganda first go through Rwanda.

Differentiating from the border situation between Kenya and Tanzania, crossing the Cyanika border with vehicles is not very hard. Several tourists use buses, land cruisers and tour vans to travel to either Uganda or Rwanda. However, the Rwanda regulations require vehicles to be with some safety tools like the fire extinguishers and the insurance certificates, with those, crossing to Rwanda is very easy.

Both Rwanda and Uganda’s tourism fraternity are working closely to develop responsible cross border tourism. This is either through the short air connections, summing up to almost four flights per day. Though truth is the on-road border crossing is more adventurous than the flight one. However, either way, tourists still cross to the other country.

Perhaps not too many people know Cyanika, apart from the people who live in the neighboring countries and the few that have crossed to Rwanda through this border. But is a very important tourism center between two major tourism destinations in Africa.

Through the East African community, several other border points are to be constructed, something that is good news to the tourists, tour operators and traders to avoid the traffic and hassle of crossing over to the other country. Surely, if it’s a cross border trip between Uganda and Rwanda, it must go through Cyanika border town for extremely awesome experiences on your Uganda Rwanda safaris.