How strong is a Silverback Gorilla

Gorillas are predominantly the largest living primates in the world and closely related to human beings by DNA. It is known that they share up to 98% of genetics with people. Gorillas are subdivided into 4 distinct species, namely mountain gorillas, eastern lowland gorillas, western lowland and riverine gorillas.

How strong is a Silverback Gorilla

Of all these species, mountain gorillas are the strongest and the most sought after by many travelers, due to their limited numbers. Endemic only to the Virunga conservation region in Eastern Africa, mountain gorillas are incredibly fascinating and strong animals. This is because of their implausible resemblance with humans.

These primates are not only strong but also very intelligent and it is believed that a gorilla is capable of tearing down a banana tree. The strength of mountain gorillas is somewhat scary but also impressive, as they rank among the world’s 10 strongest animals and weigh ten times more than humans.

Silverback gorillas are however the “male mountain gorillas”. These are huge beings, with a patch of silver hair on its bank and flanks which develops when the gorilla is fully grown. Silver backs weigh up to an average of 400 pounds and 6ft in height, much heavier than the female counter parts which weigh between 200 pounds and around 4ft tall. Silverbacks’ heads are bigger than females, due to a ridge on their skull which acts as an anchor where its huge jaw muscles are connected.

A Silverback’s arm length is longer, stretching 2.3-2.6m, while female gorilla’s arm length is proportionally shorter. Male gorillas become silverbacks at the age of 13 years. This is the time when they develop a silver patch of hair across its back and to the flanks, where its name is derived. It is at this stage that they leave their mother families to join other families and gain dominance.

Although naturally calm and peaceful creatures, a Silverback is furious and may charge at anything that seems to be threat to his family.

Why are Silverbacks so Strong?

Silverbacks are naturally strong because of their vegetarian diet and sizeable muscles. The alignment of their bones; the outer part of it has a very thick cortex. Massive bumps and protrusions connected with muscles to withstand high stress.

Silverback gorilla strength facts

Silverback gorilla’s grip is so strong that it can easily squash a mature crocodile. Silverback gorillas can climb trees and swing from branch to branch despite their immense strength of up to 250kgs. Gorillas mostly rely on their arms to walk, and rarely use their legs to move.
The strength of a silverback gorilla bite is 1300 (PSI).

A Silverback gorilla can carry over 815 kg (1800 lb.) of dead weight. The muscles of Silverback arms are sizably larger compared to those in their legs. An adult silverback gorilla is four to nine times stronger than an average human being. A Silverback can easily bend an iron bar of a cage.

Despite their immense strength, silverback gorillas don’t unnecessarily pose attacks to other animals or human beings. Silverback gorillas will only use their strength as self-defense or when they are threatened, unlike other animals, and they also don’t use their strength to hunt because they are primarily vegetarians.