Kibati Patrol Post

Thinking of doing a magical trip to Congo, specifically in the eastern Virunga region? Then you won’t miss a visit to the Kibati patrol post. Kibati patrol post or Kibati ranger station, is a major starting point for all expeditions within the Virunga National Park and Nyiragongo Mountain.

Kibati Patrol Post

Located at the foothills of Mount Nyiragongo, Kibati patrol post is about 30 minutes’ drive from Goma town and 40 minutes’ drive from Mikeno Tented lodge on unpaved road. Kibati patrol post marks the starting point of all excursions as well as a place where to find ranger guides, mountain guides, porters, purchase hiking permits, and hire hiking gear for either Nyiragongo hiking expedition or gorilla trekking in Virunga National Park as well other activities.

Tourist activities near Kibati Patrol station

Gorilla trekking in Virunga National Park

Kibati patrol post is just a few kilometers from the mesmerizing Virunga national park. This is the only protected area which harbors both mountain gorillas and lowland gorillas. Virunga national park is a world heritage site and Africa’s oldest and largest protected area located in eastern D.R. Congo. Tourists here engage in gorilla trekking to have outstanding encounters with the mighty apes of the forest. While here, one can also do nature walks in the park to have up-close encounters with even the smallest insights of the forest.

Nyiragongo Volcano Hiking

Close to the stunning Mountain Nyiragongo is Kibati patrol post. This is a perfect starting for this amazing adventure in Africa. Mount Nyiragongo hike is one of the best activities to do while in this side of Congo. Summiting Nyiragongo Mountain presents stunning sights of the world’s largest active lava lake with separated rock plates, forming a spider web like pattern, and views of the other Virunga volcanoes. It’s a challenging activity but worth every step taken.

Goma City Tour

Located in the North Kivu Province of DR Congo, Goma neighbors Rwanda’s Gisenyi along the Albertine rift and it is the capital of the eastern Congo province. It is the official border of Rwanda and D.R. Congo and a starting point for almost all tourist activities with in the eastern province of D. R. Congo. Goma town is only 30 minutes’ drive from Kibati patrol station and 45 minutes from Virunga National Park headquarters.

Goma town has stood the test of time and continuously grown swiftly into a busy boarder point serving both Rwanda and Uganda, as well as a fast growing town with luxurious accommodation facilities and other modern services. A town walk in Goma exposes travelers to the local way of living of the native Congolese here. Have personal interactions with the locals, enjoy traditional performances organized at one of the hotels, dive into the local cuisines, visit local schools, plus an awesome time in the community.