Mirama Hills Border

Almost all travelers crossing to Rwanda from Uganda and vice versa go through the Cyanika or Katuna/Gatuna cross border. But a few have gotten the chance to cross to Rwanda or Uganda through the Mirama hills cross border. It is located in the southwest Uganda in Ntungamo district at the border of Uganda and Rwanda, though very close to the place where the Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania borders intersect.

Mirama Hills Border

Mirama hills town got its name from the Mirama hills positioned in the area rising up to 1560 meters high above the sea level. Mirama lies on the banks of River Muvumba, a tributary of the Kagera River. Mirama hills is on the side of Uganda and Kagitumba in Rwanda. Unlike Katuna and Cyanika that only have points of interests in the neighboring towns and districts, Mirama hills has several attractions that would take up your time before crossing to the other country.

Travelers crossing via Mirama can take short excursions in the neighborhood to visit a number of amazing features that are truly beautiful to the eyes. The confluence of Muvumba River that marks the international borders of Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania is a must see while at this border. Still travelers can explore the Mirama hills central market, the town council offices, Mirama hills and several others.

Along the way to Mirama hills from Kampala City, tourists can visit Lake Mburo National Park, approximately two hours’ drive from Ntugamo town. Here travelers have amazing sights of the beautiful wildlife like zebras, giraffes, waterbucks, warthogs, hippos, and several bird species. Lake Mburo and the stunning scenery are also other features that tourists enjoy seeing on any safari in Lake Mburo national park.

From Mirama hills, Queen Elizabeth National Park stands to be a closer destination. This is a real medley of wonders that attracts countless tourists to have the amazing sights of the beautiful scenery filled with hills that are traversed with the numerous craters and crater lakes. This is the only park to track the tree climbing lions at Ishasha sector. Tourists here also spot some of the world’s most beautiful wildlife, like the lions, hippos, warthogs, topis, oribis and many others. Don’t forget the Kazinga channel, probably the longest channel in the world, joining Lake George and Lake Edward.

Several travelers in Mirama hills never want to miss Bwindi impenetrable national park. Though this is a bit far, but a four hour drive would be worth if it leads you to mountain gorillas; the amazing giant apes that dwell in the forest. Bwindi is a home to more than 700 mountain gorillas that is almost three quarters of the total world’s population.

Mirama hills is accessed by road, it is just 350 kilometers away from Uganda’s capital Kampala. It is also a 30 minutes’ drive away from Ntungamo the nearest town to the border. Whether it’s a business trip, or leisure, but still involving crossing the border to Rwanda or Uganda, let it go through Mirama hills cross border post. It will give you memories more than just the border crossing experience.